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  • KN95 Protective Face Masks (50 Pack)
    KN95 Protective Face Masks (50 Pack) - TheXDetails
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Protective Face Masks


How was your experience?

KN95 masks are great. Their rigidness allows for easy breathing, unlike most cloth masks that sit on the nose and mouth. Mask fits over my face very nicely. Very comfortable and heavy duty. Highly Recommended.

These are high filtration masks that have a metal inset which allows tight fit over the bridge of your nose. Soft on the face, foldable, designed to protrude away from the mouth and nostrils, these well crafted masks are the best I've tried. Fast delivery.

I was in search of some black KN95 masks and came across these so decided to give them a try. Quality feels good and protection feels good. They feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Better that the other disposable masks. Good value